An Unanticipated Hello World

Last week we were excited to put out an alpha version of Aviate as we sought to get a few hundred users to test it out. The response from these initial users was incredibly helpful as we worked through features and issues with the alpha build of the product.

But a funny thing happened on our way to gathering that small group of alpha users. To our surprise, we experienced a large influx of downloads and installs over the weekend thanks to a recommendation on reddit, and as might be expected, our servers were quickly overloaded. While we are excited to share Aviate with everyone, and promise we are working feverishly to scale our capacity, we have made Aviate invite only for now to ensure that our current users remain having an awesome experience. For those waiting to try Aviate, we will be slowly sending out invites as we can.

We want to thank everyone for their patience, and for those that are already using Aviate, all of your feedback and kind words so far. We are glad you are enjoying it, and are committed to providing a great experience for you while we iterate on the alpha version and work out new features. We want to encourage everyone trying Aviate’s alpha to continue to hit us up with your feedback and suggestions, either by email or through twitter.

If you have any question/concerns, feel free to reach out at support@getaviate.com or follow us on twitter @aviate

Thanks again for your support!

Mark Daiss, Co-Founder

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