Notification Badges for Aviate have landed!

By Isaac Wang, Engineer for Aviate @ Yahoo

Here at Aviate, we’re always thinking of new ways to make your homescreen even simpler and easier to use.

One of the most requested features you’ve asked for is a way to see the number of missed or unread communications you have on your messaging/SMS, phone, and email apps. We have good news!

Starting today, Aviate now supports notification badges for essential communications apps. Download the latest version of Aviate to see it in action. Aviate is still in private beta, so use the code HONEYBADGER.

Aviate now supports notification badges for:

• Unread emails via the Gmail app*
• Missed calls via your favorite Phone app
• Unread text messages from your default SMS app**
• Apps with notification badges on the default Samsung launcher

We’d love to hear what you think about the latest update. Developers, you too! Tweet us @aviate to talk about how we can work together to expand badging support for your apps.

Keep flying!

*The Gmail app must be at least v2.3.6 for Gingerbread devices or at least v4.0.5 for Honeycomb / ICS devices
**Google Hangouts is currently not supported


Customize your homescreen with Icon Packs

If you have tried other launchers on Android, you may already be familiar with the concept of icon packs - downloadable themes that stylize the icons on your Android phone.

Belle UI Icon Pack

Today, Aviate is announcing support for icon packs!

To get started, make sure you update to the latest version of Aviate (1.0.75) on the Google Play Store. Next, swipe to the left to get access to the Spaces menu:

From here, tap on the “Set Icon Pack”

Long Shadow Icon Pack

You will then be brought to a menu where you can set an icon pack, download new packs, or go back to the default Android icons.

If you are looking for some icon packs to try, here are a few of our favorites:

Belle UI Icon Pack | Blitz Icon Pack Long Shadow Icon Pack | Tiny White Icon Pack

Give it a try! We hope you enjoy customizing your Aviate homescreen and can’t wait to see what combinations you come up with. Send us screenshots of your new homescreen by tweeting us @aviate!


If you want to update Aviate’s setting from your icon pack, create a button that executes the following code:

  final String ACTION_SET_THEME = "com.tul.aviate.SET_THEME";

  Intent intent = new Intent(ACTION_SET_THEME);
  intent.putExtra(EXTRA_PACKAGE_NAME, getPackageName());
  try {
  } catch (ActivityNotFoundException e) {
    Toast.makeText(this, "Aviate is not installed!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

By Tim Su, Engineer for Aviate @ Yahoo

• Aviate will support icon packs for the following launchers: ADW, Apex Launcher, and Nova Launcher

Get Around Faster With Shortcuts

Do you have a favorite website you visit all the time, or family members that you keep in touch with regularly?

Today, we’re announcing shortcuts for Aviate. This new feature allows one-tap access to create shortcuts to contacts, documents, websites, and even email folders.

Creating a new shortcut in Aviate is simple. There’s a new button at the top of the A-Z Apps page:

Tapping on the icon brings up a list of shortcuts that can be made.

Some useful shortcuts include:

Bookmark - for getting to favorite websites
Contact, Direct dial, and Direct message - for keeping in touch with people
Music playlist - easily start your workout playlist from Aviate (also check out our new Listening Space!)

Once you set-up your new shortcut, it will get added to the list of A-Z Apps.

You can now tap on the icon to use it.

Just like other apps, you can also move your shortcut to Collections, Spaces, and Favorites. If there is a website you read in the mornings, try dragging it to the Morning Space. If you call your work colleagues frequently, add them into your Work Collection.

That’s it! Go forth and shortcut the world!

By Tim Su, Engineer for Aviate @ Yahoo

P.S. If you have any great shortcut ideas, tweet us @aviate!


Plug In and Rock Out! Aviate adds Listening Space

We’ve hit the ground running here at Yahoo and have been listening attentively to what can make your lives simpler. Music is a huge part of our everyday lives and based on what we’ve heard from you, a big part of yours as well. That’s why we’re happy to announce our latest update: Listening Space.

Plug your headphones into your Android phone and Aviate instantly opens your Listening Space. Like other Spaces, Listening Space automatically surfaces all your music apps in one place. If you want to try something new, Aviate also recommends related music apps so you can download them from Google Play.

Once a song starts playing, Aviate detects the song you’re listening to and surfaces bios and recent tweets from the artist, upcoming shows nearby, and the ability to listen to top tracks in Spotify.

Aviate is learning how to make your phone smarter and we’re constantly working to create new experiences, like Listening Space, that simplify your life.

Plug in your headphones and rock out!

By Mark Daiss, Product Manager for Aviate @ Yahoo

• Aviate is still currently in private beta. Click here to download and use the code “MUSIC.”
• Listening Space is available on devices running Android +4.0
• Samsung Galaxy Users: Please make sure you update to Android 4.3+.


Aviate’s going to get better, faster with Yahoo!

It’s been quite the past few months for Aviate. Since launching the product last fall, we’ve been amazed and encouraged by the incredibly positive response we’ve seen from the Android community. Today, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that Aviate is being acquired by Yahoo. Don’t worry, Aviate isn’t going anywhere.

We founded Aviate with a mission to make our phones smarter and organize themselves around us, instead of vice versa. In short, make our phones simpler. We’re thrilled you love the product and want you to know that we are committed to continued innovation of Aviate. The technology and product will remain the same — it’s simply going to get better, faster.

When we met with Yahoo, it was obvious how aligned our visions are. Yahoo, like us, is all about simplifying and streamlining users’ daily habits through intelligent and beautiful products. We see endless opportunities for how the two of us can work together. We can’t wait to take this next step.

Thanks for all your support, excitement, and faith in our product. We could never have made it to this place without you, and can’t wait to continue to simplify your lives. If you haven’t had a chance to try Aviate, for a short time we’re offering the code “YAHOO” as a way to celebrate this announcement.

Here’s a link to Yahoo’s post and Marissa’s CES keynote announcing the deal, in case you’re interested.

Stick around, Aviate’s just getting started.

Mark, Paul, and Will


Announcing the Aviate Beta Launch!

We believe our phones should be smarter. We’re building Aviate, a new intelligent homescreen for Android, to deliver on that belief in two ways. First, we want to simplify our phones. Second, we want to intelligently surface information at the moment it’s most useful.

We made a video to show you how Aviate makes your phone work for you throughout your day. Check it out.

We launched Aviate in alpha this summer and now we’re excited to announce that Aviate Beta is here! We’ve fixed a lot of bugs, increased scalability, and improved the user experience. This morning we started rolling out an update to Aviate. Everyone on the waiting list will receive an invite after they download the latest version. Users will now have the ability to invite their friends to join Aviate because we all know flying is more fun with friends. We will continue to have the invite process to ensure a quality experience.

We are pumped to continue to grow Aviate through such a great community. Download today if you haven’t yet: http://www.getaviate.com. We look forward to flying with you all soon!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of making Aviate! We thank you for your patience, your excitement, and joining us to building an intelligent homescreen that simplifies our phones.


Aviate Alpha Invite Update

Building Aviate is awesome. Building it with users like you makes it all the better. We’re incredibly grateful for the overwhelming response so far, and astounded by the feedback we’ve gotten from you.

For those of you waiting patiently on the invite list, we are happy to say that we have ironed out some of our scaling issues and will be letting in a larger number of users very soon. We appreciate your patience over the past month. This next week we aim to reduce wait time for Aviate from a couple months to a few weeks.

As everyone at Aviate is working around the clock to make the smartest homescreen ever, you have been doing all sorts of awesome things to express your excitement - from tweeting, to making videos, forming Aviate communities, and even building widgets made specifically for Aviate. Your enthusiasm inspires us, and your input is helping shape the future of Aviate. We can’t wait to show the rest of the world what we’ve been working on. We’d love to hear how you are using Aviate and how we can make it better. Tweet us @aviate

Thanks again for your support!

Will Choi, Co-Founder


An Unanticipated Hello World

Last week we were excited to put out an alpha version of Aviate as we sought to get a few hundred users to test it out. The response from these initial users was incredibly helpful as we worked through features and issues with the alpha build of the product.

But a funny thing happened on our way to gathering that small group of alpha users. To our surprise, we experienced a large influx of downloads and installs over the weekend thanks to a recommendation on reddit, and as might be expected, our servers were quickly overloaded. While we are excited to share Aviate with everyone, and promise we are working feverishly to scale our capacity, we have made Aviate invite only for now to ensure that our current users remain having an awesome experience. For those waiting to try Aviate, we will be slowly sending out invites as we can.

We want to thank everyone for their patience, and for those that are already using Aviate, all of your feedback and kind words so far. We are glad you are enjoying it, and are committed to providing a great experience for you while we iterate on the alpha version and work out new features. We want to encourage everyone trying Aviate’s alpha to continue to hit us up with your feedback and suggestions, either by email or through twitter.

If you have any question/concerns, feel free to reach out at support@getaviate.com or follow us on twitter @aviate

Thanks again for your support!

Mark Daiss, Co-Founder